Healthcare For Those With Disabilities

Having regular health checkups can be slightly frightening for anybody and it can be something that we don’t want to do because sometimes we are always slightly worried about the result.

However, this can be even more daunting for those who have a learning or physical disability. Contact us for more advice.

There are healthcare practices that do have a different service for those who are anxious, or with learning disablities. The treatment will be catered for their needs and made comfortable for them throughout the process.

The Perfect Smile Studios:

Over at Perfect Smile, they are both cosmetic and general dentists. With numerous practices in both London and Hertfordshire they are easily accessible for an anxious patient.

With a clear understanding that people react differently and are never the same with different aspects of dentistry.

The Aims & Successes Of Perfect Smile

Their aim is to use techniques that are suitable to the dentistry work that is being completed to make it as comfortable as possible as they eliminate those fears.

Something that is familiar in patients who are either anxious or with a disability is the effects of relapse once the treatment has finished.

Despite these facts, Perfect Smile has comprised a strategy that defeats this. Their prevention of relapse scheme has proven successful for 20 years.


Style-Acre is a support charity that specialises in learning disabilites, but still works with other learning disabilities.

Due to their knowledge and understanding of disabilities, this mean they have been able to successfully develop a small healthcare system for those with Autism and other disabilities. Find out about their health and well-being services here.

A team made from specialised doctors and nurses, they can offer regular check-ups for a range of those with disabilities.

Their work has been recognised by numerous Government schemes and is recommended as one of the top health systems in the South.


Adepta also specialise in Autism. They recognise the issues that are faced by those with disabilities and work alongside each other to reduce this in everyday life. Contact them to see their work.

For years they have studied the behaviour of others, and because of this they have a whole load of information about keeping people feeling comfortable and safe throughout treatments and procedures.

Get in contact if you are have a service designed just for those with learning disabilites.

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