Helping those with dyslexia

Dyslexia materials, now abounding in the educational marketplace, often pay scant attention to the need of the dyslexic child for a variety of approaches in English teaching resources.

Phonic worksheets, tracking exercises and schemes – all are presented as ‘curing’ the problem.  Too many claims are made that a particular – and often heavily prescriptive, panacea will work.

Many materials provide a sufficient variety, including phonic books & worksheets, to approach the challenge creatively.

Take a look at this list of resources & ideas, all of which contain materials you might find useful in working with dyslexic children:

Phonic Spelling Programme – phonic worksheets including word searches, rhyming words, word shapes, sorting sounds, crosswords and over 100 sentence completion exercises.

Joint Exercises – 10 minutes a day handwriting exercises featuring a start-from-the-line style known to help dyslexic children.

Mnemonic Spelling System – 174 important high frequency sight words to be learned using a unique mnemonic method designed for dyslexic children – or anyone with a spelling difficulty.

Maths Screen (KS1) – a math screen which assesses skills using a verbally-administered test which counters discrimination against dyslexic children.

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