One 2 One Tuition

Indirect Dyslexia Learning or IDL as it is often called, offers a happier future to children with reading and spelling difficulties, it offers hope to frustrated and anxious parents and a way forward to adults, of any age, who have suffered from years of reading failure.

With an international network of centres dedicated to helping both children and adults learn to cope with literacy problems.

Most tutoring centres are merely an extension of school, noisy and busy, its this kind of atmosphere that compounds the very problems these children have. At Neath Valley Tuition we understand the need for one to one tuition, in quiet calm surroundings, this coupled with patience and understanding will bring about fast improvements in reading and spelling, while at the same time improve writing and keyboard skills and with this their confidence and self esteem will improve.

If you are an adult who has suffered from literacy problems all your life, why not contact us to see if we can help, we can offer discreet one to one tuition. Its never too late.

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